Starting again….

Starting over again – after more than a year…

Looking forward to next month, two trips. The first is a gift from my daughters, and I don not know where we are going. They told me to be in the airport with my passport and toothbrush:-).

September 21th, we are going to Rhodes, Greece,  for one week. Same island, same town and almost the same hotel. Definity the same restaurant, Coconut. Love it! The big difference this year; my sister and brother-in-law will go with us! She has been afraid for flying, and this trip will be her second! I love to show them «our island».


Sedona and the red rocks


Still in Flagstaff, but we are traveling around. Yesterday we went to Sedona, to see the red rocks and hike in the state park. 

On our way down to Sedona we had to drive through another beautiful valley and river, oak valley and oak creek. It was exciting, two different landscapes. The first with the oaks and the second one with the red rocks. Different from Grand Canyon, which is » a big hole», here it was big rocks or monuments. We loved it

We hiked in the state park, and got a scenic view over the monuments. But, for me Gro, it was a little bit too hot. But I did it!

Our last day ( today) will be a day off:-) We will stay at the hotel, doing laundry, ironing and of course take a little trip downtown….maybe there are som shops…….